Monday, August 29, 2011

Belly aches and belly laughs!

15 weeks!

Sorry for no post last week!! It was quite a busy week!! Not too much happened with the Brockster last week. On Friday he started a new trick - he loves, I mean LOVES to sit up whenever he can (with assistance of course), so Nick holds him a little propped up and he uses his little ab muscles to not only pull himself up, but he gets top heavy and falls over face forward...LOL! It's a work in progress!

Still no rolling over yet...I'm starting to think maybe he just won't do it. He does plenty of tummy time he just likes to look around, but not really roll too much!

He has now started to stick not just his thumb, but all his fingers in his mouth! And he doesn't bend them, he sticks them straight in his mouth, fingers sticking straight out! Sometimes, he sticks them in too far and ends up gagging himself! It's kinda funny, but I try to pull his hands out whenever I see him doing that!

He had his first full on belly laugh this weekend!! Uncle Drew was tickling him under his armpit and he thought that was hilarious. So I started doing it on both sides and he was laughing harder than I've ever seen him laugh! It was so cute!!

Sadly, we also had a little stomach bug going around the family this weekend. Brock had it we think Thursday and Friday. He was having stomach issues and pains and we think looser than normal poopies. Nick then got it Saturday and I had it was no fun!! But, just the first of what I'm sure will be many more bugs that we share as a family!

We went for a long walk yesterday and decided to let Brock sit just in the stroller instead of in the carset which latches into the stroller. Whenever he's in the carseat, he gets antsy and starts pulling his head up to try and sit up. So, we tried just in the stroller and he seemed to really like it. He fell asleep not too far into the walk, but I think he liked being able to see all the cars, trees, animals, people, etc that were passing us. We took some pictures that I'll try and get posted ASAP!

We also did a little 'fall cleaning' this weekend. I hit a children's consignment sale last week and scored quite a few things for Brock for the fall/winter - mostly pj's. I also went through a bunch of the things we got from Tracy right after Brock was born that we hadn't put away yet. Since our house isn't exactly a mansion, we have to get creative with storage. When Tracy gave us the clothes (and she was wonderful and gave us TONS), we seperated them by size and only put the size he was currently wearing and the size he'd be wearing next away in his closet. The rest went into the basement. Well, he's now wearing that 'next' size and about to transition to possibly an ever bigger size. He's been wearing 3-6 month clothes and mostly 6 month onesies since about 8 weeks old. Luckily, he's still pretty much wearing that same size, but I think by fall he'll be in to the 6-9 month clothes and probably 9 month onesies - I don't know about other babies, but it seems like the onesies are way smaller than other clothes on him so he's usually a size up in those, while he may be closer to on target with other clothes. Anyway, we stored away all the clothes that no longer fit him (to hopefully save for another one someday) and put all of his fall clothes away in his dresser/closet. He's ready to rock!

He's going to be pretty much every night around 9 and is still pretty easy to put down on most nights. Usually I put him down, get ready for bed, get things ready for the next day, and then get to bed. Last night however, Nick and I stayed up in the living room watching TV and I swear Brock knows when we're still up and he's not. It took just a little longer than normal for him to fall asleep! He's still sleeping like a total champ and wakes up just smiling away!

He has really started to grab things and bring them straight to his mouth. He also grabs his blankets, burp rags, whatever is close and pulls them up over his head! It's pretty funny because he can't figure out right away why he can't see anything anymore. He is still just talking, squealing and smiling all the time. He's the most fun baby and EVERYONE who watches him says he is the easiest and most perfect baby to watch!!

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