Monday, August 8, 2011

New Favorite Game

Brockster has a new favorite game as of this past weekend. Patty Cake!! He absolutely LOVES IT!! He thinks it's hilarious! He loves the clapping part the best. Even if you just take his hands and clap them together like you're cheering, he just cracks up!

He is talking and laughing more and more each week and it's so much fun! I didn't realize you could have so much fun doing nothing but I could sit there all day and make him laugh! It was the best way to spend a Saturday afternoon!!

We went to Michael's this weekend to get some things for his Baptism and they had out their Halloween and fall stuff!!! Brock was NOT a fan of the scary skull I showed him, but he really liked the friendly ghost I was making dance in front of!

We've got a BIG week coming up - my parents are coming in town Wednesday night to watch him for a couple of days. The first Chiefs game is on Friday night (just a pre-season, but Brock has his jersey ready), Poppy has his helicpoter ride Saturday and then Brock is getting Baptized on Sunday!! We've got a fun little luncheon planned at G'ma and G'pa Barbosas after the Baptism!

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