Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Long labor day weekend

16 weeks

What a wonderful weekend we had!! It was Labor Day weekend so we got 3 full days with our little angel and made sure it was jam packed full of fun activities! We started out Friday with 'early dismissal' from work for both Nick and I so as soon as we got home, Brock and I took a nice little afternoon snuggle nap. We woke up and went to Carter's (new store just opened SO EXCITED) as they were having a sale - 50% off the ENTIRE store, plus I had 20% off your total purchase coupon - double score! Anyway, we got Brock some more sleepers and his Halloween Costume!! It's a little bat and it's SOOOO cute! He actually has 2 costumes - a spider that Carter wore for his first Halloween and then the bat. They are both SOOO cute I don't know how I'll choose. The bat is a heavy fleece jacket and pants so it may depend on the weather! Either way, it was only $15 and the fleece pants he could totally wear this winter!

Saturday was Brock's first KU game!!! And it was quite the adventure! We started with a trip to Mass St to shop around a bit (and found the CUTEST shirt for Brock), then to the Union to look some more. Nothing too exciting there, but we stopped to feed Brock before going in to the game and also we snacked on some food. They sell hot dogs, nachos, drinks, all the 'game snacks' for $1 each right outside of the Union so we stocked up!! As we got settled into our seats, the announcer came over the loud speaker and told everyone that 'severe weather was approaching Memorial Stadium and we all had to leave the stands and take cover'. I went into total Mommy Mode and had a hold of Brock so tight as we carefully walked back down under the stands. Well, it was extremely hot/muggy as the storm was bringing in a cold front behind it, so carrying him made me drip with sweat! However, I wasn't letting go for anything! After about 10-15 mins, people started heading back up so we followed. Not more than 5 mins went by and I felt a HUGE raindrop hit my face. I stood up and immediately started heading down the stairs, just in time for the giant DOWNPOUR to begin. Of course that caused everyone else to get up and it was a mad rush to get back to covered ground! Luckily, the storm was short lived and we finally got back to our seats just in time for kick off. The storm actually brought much cooler and more comfortable temperatures! As usual, Brock was WONDERFUL! He slept through part of the game, the other part he was watching the big screen (a giant TV I'm sure to him). We couldn't have asked for him to be any better!!
                                                   Here's a picture of him in all his KU gear!

On Sunday, we got some VERY exciting news!! Uncle Drew and Aunt Erin finally got engaged on their trip to Mexico!! We are sooooooooooo excited! We had them over for dinner and I got a little overly excited....we had burgers, dogs, brats, mac n' cheese, corn on the cob, watermelon and a 2 layered chocolate cake I made that afternoon! Yeah, went a little overboard on that one...lol!

Since we had an extra day to the weekend, we used Monday to take Brock on his first trip to the zoo! Mia had 4 free passes to the zoo from her work, so Mia, Mom, Nick and I all loaded up and headed to the KC Zoo! It was an absolutely perfect day for it! It was packed but the weather was so gorgeous! Fall, when we have one, is by far my favorite season in Kansas. It was the perfect temperature and we got to see soooo many animals! Brock really loved all the animals and people watching because he stayed awake for most of the 3 hours we were there!

We had our first experience with what normal babies do and what normal parents deal with on Sunday night. Brock just did NOT want to go to sleep. He kept spitting out his 'binkie' and crying his head off! Finally, we put him in bed with us until he got tired enough to move back to his bed. He went right to sleep and slept like a rock! While it wasn't much of a fit, it definitely made us realize how unbelievably lucky we are that he's normally such a happy, chill little man.

He's still laughing and smiling a lot, but that has almost given way to him talking all the time! He just loves to talk and squeal, especially in the car! It's so adorable and funny!! He loves when you talk back to him! We ate dinner outside on the deck last night and put him in his high chair...he loved it! He's loving the nice weather because that means lots of walks in the stroller! He still hasn't rolled over yet, but he definitely likes to sit up. I'm not totally sure because it's still a little early, but there may be a little tooth trying to come in. He's chewing, drooling, etc all the time. We'll see if anything pokes through soon!

This is Brock's first 'full' week at daycare and I'm having very mixed feelings about it. I'm happy because Cynthia (our daycare provider) is AMAZING. I've known her for over 20 years and she's like family to us and I know she already loves him like family. I'm happy that he'll be going to the same place every day and we don't have to figure out who is going to watch him and piece together daycare arrangements. But I'm also completely sad because up until this week, I've been able to see him at lunch every day. Now, I drop him off around 7:30 and don't see him again until 5:30 and it KILLS me. I thought it would get easier, but it gets much harder to miss out on time with him. Luckily this week Cynthia is going out of town so I'll be working from home with the baby Friday and I took Monday off completely to just enjoy a full day with my little angel boy!

Sometimes I surprise myself. I used to not just want, but NEED 'me' time every weekend. Naps, laying on the couch doing nothing, etc. Now, I want to spend every second with Brock. If I'm napping, it's only because he's napping with me. I was NEVER a morning person before. I push the snooze button 10 times before I get out of bed (and set my alarm accordingly). Usually Nick gets up with him in the morning to feed him, but on weekends if he gets up early, I get up with him. If Nick gets up, I'll usually change Brock's diaper and get him changed, while Nick makes the bottle and then feeds him. And it doesn't matter how tired I am, as soon as I see his sweet little face and he smiles at me, my whole day is made! This weekend we had his 'breakfast' outside on the deck because it was so nice. And after he was done, we just sat there and listened to the birds and enjoyed the weather. This morning he woke up much earlier than normal, and Nick was still asleep, but I didn't mind one bit to get up early and get him changed and fed. It was actually a bonus to get that extra bit of time with him!!

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