Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Cabin Fever

21 months, 1 week

We have had 2 EPIC snow storms come through our little area, less than a week apart! The first one dropped about a foot of snow on a Thursday, and by the following Tuesday morning, we had about 6-8 more inches. They broke records and made the roads just a mess. Businesses completely shut down, stores were running out of food, they were urging people not to drive unless it was an emergency.

All that said, it meant 3 days of working from home for Nick and I, along with Brock having snow days from daycare. I didn't want him in a car on the roads as they were really bad a couple of the days, so the 3 of us, and Oscar, were all cooped up. By the end of yesterday, we were all getting terrible cabin fever.

Brock is just at an age where he's too wild and full of energy to be cooped up all day. Nick and I tried to take turns watching him and playing, but we both still had to be sure we were getting our work done. We took some time yesterday to play in the snow. Brock helped Nick shovel, we started to build a snowman, etc. He loved being outside in the snow, unlike his Mommy!

We also think the terrible 2's are starting to set in a little early. We are hearing a LOT of 'no mommy/daddy', and 'my (fill in the blank here - anything from potato to a certain toy to love you - yes, you say I love you and he says 'no MY love you' but not in the sweet 'I love you more kind of way.)

Meals have become almost dreaded. He has little interest in sitting down to eat a meal. He wants to play with his food, play with his cup, feed the dog, occasionally try and throw his food, etc. It tests our patience big time!

He had his first real 'fit' at the grocery store over the weekend. He saw a Lightning McQueen bubble bath car and wanted it. He kept saying 'Queen! Queen!'. But, we don't want him to get in the habit of getting something every time we go to the store, so we told him we were not getting it. He just LOST IT. Screaming, crying we were totally 'those parents'. Nick took him out to the car while I finished paying for the groceries and avoiding all eye contract with anyone who saw the meltdown.

He's also become a little harder to take places. Now that he's so mobile and independent, he does NOT want to be in a cart and he does not want to be held. He wants to run around like a mad man all over whatever store we happen to be in. It's made the house decisions a little tougher as we decide whether to have someone watch him (and thus scheduling is needed) or try and be brave and roll the dice that he'll cooperate.It's a fine line between risking it to try and get him used to behaving like a human and not a monkey or just going the easy route to get decisions made quickly and get on with our day.

With all that said, he's also getting a lot more loving. He gives full on hugs now where he wraps both his little arms around your neck. And he loves to give kisses. He'll say 'love you or I love you' and if I say 'love you to the moon' he says 'love you moon!' And he likes to check on everyone. If I say 'ouch' or seem sad, he'll say 'you ok mama'? and pat my arm or leg. It just melts my heart everytime. He's so sweet and so wild all wrapped into one little perfect boy.

Every day I look at him and he just looks so much bigger and more grown up. Yesterday, as the cabin fever was taking over and my patience was almost gone, I started to talk myself out of getting frustrated. They are only young like this once. I know as hard as these days can be, I will miss them like crazy in the not too distant future!

And for those of you keeping up with the house, the weather has put a little damper on the progress but we are hoping to really see some changes by the end of this week! They were supposed to be painting and staining this week so we should have some updated pictures soon!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

We have a house!!

20 months, 3 weeks

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Barbosa's are heading west! We have a house!! We are so so so happy and excited to be able to share our new home with everyone!

We bought a home out in Olathe (where we always said we would never live), and out west (where we said we'd never go). We broke all of our 'rules' and we are so glad we did! It's a brand new home, which is already built but we get to pick the finishes (paint, carpet, granite, lighting, etc). We are having the basement finished before we move in and Nick designed the perfect layout for our family! We can't wait to see it all finished! It will be in the Kansas City Parade of Homes the last weekend in April and first weekend in May so we won't be able to actually move in until May 10th, but we get to go out there as much as we want between now and then - and trust me, we will be out there a LOT! And we will be in just in time to have Brock's 2nd birthday at the house - perfect timing!

It was quite a stressful week going back and forth on negotiations, but it was well worth it! It made us realize how much we really wanted the house and Nick and I were both on the same page about it the entire time which was awesome! It would have been so tough if one of us was trying to convince the other to keep fighting if they just didn't feel it was right. But we really never waiver'd on the fact that it was 'our' house.

It has everything we EVER said we wanted in a house and then some. There were a few  'dream' items we wanted and didn't think we could find. And this one has it all. On top of that, we are in a neighborhood that is mostly young families like us. They have organized activities for the holidays (Easter egg hunts, Santa sleigh rides, 4th of July parades and more). We feel it is just the perfect fit for our family and are so excited to move in and get settled!

We have been out a few times already and Brock got to see his 'new house' for the first time over the past weekend. We've been talking about it to him a lot and he would hold up the flyer for it and say 'new house'. We showed him the house, his room and even met our backyard neighbors!

So, now for the goods, here is the first picture of the house since it officially become 'ours':
It hasn't been painted yet so that's just the color of the wet stucco. We are meeting this week to pick out paint colors and will keep updates here or on Facebook with the progress!

Monday, February 4, 2013

My favorite words...

20 months, 1 week

Brock started uttering my favorite words I've ever heard him say this weekend 'Love you'. He used to say 'I love you' but it was always only copying someone else and I don't think he knew what it meant. We were leaving Gary and Judy's on Friday and as we always do we said 'Say bye-bye. Say Love You.' Usually he never does...he'll wave and maybe actually say bye-bye when we're already in the car. But sure enough he said 'bye bye. Love you'. It was the cutest, sweetest, most heart-melting moment.

So over the weekend, it just progressed from 'love you' to 'love you mama', 'love you dada' and then 'love you (fill in family member here)'. I got him on video saying 'Love you Poppy. Love you Meme' and sent it to my Dad, I got him saying 'Love you Mia' and sent it to my sister. I got him saying 'Love you Grammie' but since my mom has a phone from 1905, I couldn't send her the video. Luckily, he said it to her OVER the phone so she actually got to hear it.

We were crazy busy with house-related things over the weekend and poor Brock was stuck getting dropped off at one Grandma's after the other while we handled some house business. We think we should have some good news to share soon...but you'll just have to wait and see!

Yesterday we went to the annual Superbowl party at Nick's aunt and uncle's house. Brock was so tired and a little overwhelmed but had a blast playing with his cousin Ryan and all his fun toys! We headed home at halftime right at the start of a full on melt down. We thought he was just tired until we got in the car and realized he was pushing and straining really hard. Like he was stopped up. He cried the ENTIRE 20 minutes back home, which is incredibly rare for him.

It made me realize how lucky we are that we got such an easy baby. I know there are parents who deal with those fits all the time or just have hard to please kiddos that cry a lot. You could definitely feel the tension and nerves in the car while he was wailing away, but we tried to stay calm until we got home. We gave him gas drops, Tylenol and his allergy medicine to try and fix whatever the problem was. I rocked him to sleep but he kept waking up every 30 mins or so crying or fussing. Finally I brought him in bed with us for awhile and I rubbed and pushed on his little tummy to try and work out the gas or whatever it was. It must have helped because he let out a long toot and was a completely different kid almost right away. Poor little guy. There is absolutely nothing worse than seeing your child in pain and not being able to help them! Luckily, he went right to sleep in his bed after that and not a peep for the rest of the night.

He has started singing along to songs in the car and it is the cutest ever! He usually only pick up words he knows 'yeah' 'oh', etc. It's pretty funny!

He has almost started to grow out of his 2T clothes! Looks like it might be about time for a wardrobe upgrade!