Friday, August 19, 2011

Sleepy boy...

14 weeks

As if Brock weren't already a little sleeping champ, now he wants even more!! We're having to go in and actually wake him up each morning to eat around 6:45. So, we've started putting him to bed a little earlier - 9-9:30 ish and he still sleeps like a champ!!

This was one of the most fun weeks we've had with him so far!! My Dad/Pat bought him a little stuffed animal duck that flaps it's wings and sings when you push a button on his foot. Well, I sat down with Brock on the floor between my legs and put the duck facing him. He went NUTS! He was laughing, yelling, talking, just all about the duck! Of course as soon as we turned on the camera to get a video, he got all shy!!

He has a new hobby in the bathtub too - kicking his leg to splash water everywhere. He doesn't necessarily laugh, but he definitely enjoys doing it! He has officially outgrown his infant tub so he's just on a mat in the tub like a big boy! He really really wants to sit up during his bath but he's not quite there yet. He tries to pick his head up off the mat to sit up, but when you sit him up, he doesn't have the balance yet to stay that way.

I think he's definitely on the verge of rolling over. We've been doing lots of tummy time at night and he's getting closer and closer. He has been with Grandma Judy all week and has been perfect!! Their dog Taz loves him...he even likes to lay by him to 'protect' him:

I went to Pottery Barn Kids today and bought Brock some new Halloween books! I can't wait to read them to him and to get him excited for Halloween. I know this year he may not be into it much, but as he gets older I hope he'll appreciate it and love it like I do!!

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