Monday, August 15, 2011

Jam packed weekend fun

This past weekend was a complete blur, but it was packed full of fun activities!! Friday night we had a cookout at our house for the first Chiefs pre-season game. My dad set up Brock's high chair and he sat in it for the first time while we all ate. He seemed to love it! He was kicking his legs in excitement and I think he felt like a big boy!! He LOVED watching football!! He just watched the TV in amazement! He also got to wear his Chiefs jersey for the first time! Here is modeling it and standing on his legs! He loves to stand up!
Saturday we met up with my Dad and Pat and went out to Olathe for my dad's helicopter ride. Mia and I bought him a helicopter instruction/ride package for his birthday in March where he got 30 mins of ground instruction and then got to ride in AND assist in flying the helicopter. He loved it!! After that was lunch as his favorite place, Oklahoma Joe's and then back home to get some final things ready for the Baptism and luncheon on Sunday. We went over to Gary and Judy's and got everything set up, then met back up with my parents for dinner at Grinder's downtown (Best cheesesteaks ever!!). Brock was , as usual, such a good little guy! He LOVES to pick his head up out of his carseat to look around so it may not be long before he starts stitting in the highchairs at restaurants! He just wants to see everything around him!

Sunday was his big day! He was so tired from the day before that he fell asleep around 9:30 Saturday night and slept until 7 am on Sunday!! He was a total champ and slept thru most of Mass and woke up just in time to get changed into his Baptism gear! He was all smiley and happy until right around when the Baptism started and he was a little fussy. But, nothing a binkie couldn't fix. He was great thru the rest of the ceremony, didn't mind the water on his head, let the Priest hold him and did great for all the pictures! (Will post pictures tomorrow from the ceremony and luncheon). The lunch went great, he got lots of sweet religious gifts and even a little money to start up his own little savings account!

We took a long nap when we got home and woke up just in time for his first 'date' with Madison! Our homes association had an ice cream social and since Kristin, Brett and Madison live in our neighborhood too, we all walked down for some ice cream! We got a super cute picture of the 2 of them and Brock looks like a beast!! Pics to come with that one too!!

We picked up a few new hobbies this weekend too! Along with football, Brock LOVES to watch Cartoons on TV!! We put them on while we were getting ready and he was watching so intently and laughing and kicking his legs. I know he doesn't understand what they are saying, but it's so cute to watch him get excited! I think the colors and sounds must be what he likes. He's up to a full 6 oz now at pretty much every feeding and I think we're finally able to phase out the middle bottle at night. I think just one around dinner time and one before bed should be plenty! He's started getting better control of things if he gets ahold of them. If there is a blanket at the bottom of his carseat, he'll grab ahold of it and pull it up toward (and sometimes over) his head.

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