Monday, August 1, 2011

Memorable Moments part 1

While there have been more memorable moments than I could ever count in these first months of having my little man, I wanted to compile a list of moments, things, places, etc to always remember this magical time:

1. The first time I heard him cry the day he was born. I hope I don't ever forget that sound because it was the best sound in the world. I still think about it and get choked up!

2. Seeing our families meet him for the first time. There was such an overwhelming amount of joy and love in that hospital room. The entire hospital stay was wonderful between all the family and friends who came to visit and the amazing nurses at St. Luke's South who took such good care of us!

3. Our first trip to Target - He was not quite a week old and I had been struggling with the 'Baby Blues'. I had barely eaten or slept for a few days. So after one night of full sleep, I woke up feeling refreshed and a little stir crazy. We loaded Brock up and took him to eat (McDonald's - the first time I had an appetite and it sounded SOOO good) and then to Target to get some baby essentials. I was such a nervous wreck, but he was a perfect angel and slept through the whole thing!

4. The first time he met Oscar. Our dog Oscar has never been a fan of kids and has always been our baby. He's a 7 year old chihuahua so he's had lots of time to really work on his 'only child' routine. I was so nervous at how he would react to the baby and I couldn't have been happier than when he sniffed his carseat and licked his little hand right when we brought him home. I was so proud I cried!

5. His first road trip - When Brock was a month old, we traveled to Wichita to visit my parents and for Brock to meet his Aunt Teea, cousins Brigdon and Tatum, and Great Aunt Mollie and Great Uncle Delmar who were visiting from Oklahoma. He was wonderful and slept all 3 hours there and back without a peep. He turned on the charm for all his admirers and as usual, was such a good baby!

6. Peeing all over Mia and I during my post-op doctor's appointment. I had just told her how he hadn't gotten me when changing his diaper yet and that was all it took. He started spraying us and the entire room not once, but TWICE! We were laughing so hard we could barley get it cleaned up!

7. Snuggle days with mommy - Knowing I would have to be coming back to work, I took at least one day every week of maternity leave to do nothing but lay on the couch and snuggle with my little man. I will miss those days for as long as I live! They are never that little again.

8. His first bath - Nick and I decided to give him his first 'at home' sponge bath. He was crying and so unhappy with the whole process, then proceeded to pee and poop on the bath mat he was laying on. We couldn't help but just crack up!

9. Party Rock by LMFAO - this isn't a 'moment' as much as it is a reminder of being home with him. We watched LOTS of music videos while I was on leave and this one just happened to be popular. I changed the words to 'Party Brock' and sang it to him all the time!

10. The Casey Anthony Trial - this is sadly not a happy memory. The trial started the week I went on leave and the verdict was reached the week before I came back. My mom and I were glued to the coverage and watched it daily!

11. Tornadoes!!!! Our first night home, right as we were settling in to go to bed, the tornado sirens went off! We slept half of the first night in our basement. Luckily, it was a false alarm. Then, just over a week later, on my first day home by myself with the baby, we had another scare. This one was a little more 'real' and there actually were touchdowns very close to our area. I was huddled under the stairs on a blanekt in the basement with a half naked baby (he was mid-feeding when they went off) and very scared chihuahua.

There are so many wonderful memories I have of our time together while I was on maternity leave and things that have happened since I've gone back to work, but these few really stick out to me! I hope we are blessed enough to have a lifetime of memories watching this little man grow up!!

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