Monday, March 5, 2012

Monkey See, Monkey Do

9 months, 2 weeks

Missed last weeks post, but have lots to catch up on this week!! Brock is now full on crawling, not just army crawl. He still prefers to army crawl, but over the last week, he's gotten up on all 4's and finally this weekend took his first little 'steps' forward! He also LOVES to stand up on his own. If you put him up against something, like a toy, he'll stand there until his legs just give out on him!!

He has started to mimick things we say now. It started last weekend with 'uh oh'. Then over the last week, he's started to slowly repeat more and more things. He shakes his head 'no' when he doesn't like something (or sometimes for no reason). And this morning while I was getting ready for work, he was fussing (for no reason at all) so I turned around, pointed my finger and told him 'Stop'. He pointed his finger back at me and said 'ta' like he was trying to tell me to stop!! It was pretty hilarious!!

He has started to really love cartoons. He'll watch all kinds. Last night we turned on Shrek and he was completely amazed and engrossed in the show. He especially loves to see animals and kids on TV. He seems to recognize them and respond so happily to them! It's so adorable.

Last night, he had his first mommy/daddy meal. Usually, we feed him his own food, veggies, fruit, yogurt, etc. But last night, due to the unseasonably nice weather, we grilled out hamburgers. I made one for Nick and I and a tiny one for Brock. I gave him only about half of the burger, but he also got a couple of baked french fries, peas/carrots and applesauce. He ate the whole meal! Probably the biggest one he has had to date and he seemed to love it all! I found these little mini cans of just peas/carrots and they are perfect. 1 can probably is enough for his dinner for an entire week and they are nice and soft so easily baby safe!

He definitely recognizes us and the dog now. The other day he looked at Nick and said 'Dada', if you ask him where the dog is, he looks for Oscar, as well as says 'da' when he sees him. It's hard to believe he really knows what it all means already, but he's pretty consistent with it!

We put the bumper back into his crib last night. I was a nervous wreck, but I think it will be helpful. It made his bed seem so much more cozy and he can't throw his binkies out in the middle of the night anymore!! He's had a terrible cold/cough the past few days, but while he's been fussier than normal, he's still mostly in a good mood!

This past weekend we went 'park shopping' for a location for his 1st birthday party and found the perfect place!! We are so excited and just praying it doesn't rain! We still have over 2 months to go, but I know it'll be here before we know it!

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