Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Feeling very thankful...

10 Months, 1.5 weeks

Sadly, times are changing at Casa de Barbosa. Our sweet, friendly, smiley little man has started to get a bit of a shy streak. I'm hoping it's just a phase and luckily it's just mostly turning his head away and no meltdowns. It all started last Saturday at a housewarming party. We walked in and while Brock is always a little nervous the first few minutes around new people, he'll usually smile. Not this time, he just had on his best 'stone face' and kept turning his head into my chest. After about 30 minutes, he warmed up and was watching the other kids, talking to everyone and smiling. He used to be such a friendly little guy to everyone so again, we are hoping it's just a phase!

The biggest event in our house has been patio furniture shopping. It has been so hard!!! We have gone to pretty much every store in town that sells patio furniture and looked online and I just couldn't find what I wanted. I'm being extremely too picky about it. I don't want it to cost too much, but I want it to be good quality. I want it to be colorful, but comfortable. I have found chairs one place, but no table. Or cushions but not chairs. I have been scouring for an umbrella, patio set and rug that all coordinate and not only are functional, but fun. Patio furniture is just so blah - the colors are browns, greys, etc. I know why, it's because they are exposed and get dirty and fade, etc. However, for those of us in the Midwest, we only get to use them part of the year so bright colors are what I was wanting!

After a few weeks of talking about and searching, we finally found a set I felt like I would maybe work with. I wasn't 'in love' with it, but it was a great deal and was functionally just what we were wanting. So Nick pulled the trigger and bought the set while I continued my quest for the right pieces to 'brighten and spice' it up for summer. I finally found a rug that peaked my interest from Wal Mart of all places so that gave me a direction. Then I went searching for an umbrella. Pier 1 (one of my FAVE home decor places) ended up having a great umbrella (ON SALE!!!) that I think will match the rug. I still am not 100% sold until I see it all together -- hopefully this weekend. I'll try to remember to post pics!

Well, as if the search wasn't crazy enough, we decided to start putting the furniture together last night. While I appreciate the secure packing job the wonderful folks at Sears did to keep our set protected while traveling to the store, it was a pain in the a** to unload and unwrap it all. After about 30 mins of unpacking the boxes and getting all the bubble wrap off of it, we finally had all the pieces ready to be put together. However, while unwrapping everything, we had Brock sitting in his new 'big boy' patio chair in the garage. He dropped a toy and while trying to reach it, totally fell out of the chair and hit his head on the cement floor of the garage. It was a pretty loud bang and I was a little worried, so we kept a close eye on him and put some ice (well, as much as he would let me) on it to prevent too much swelling. But it was just a tiny little knot that never even bled. Crisis #1 - averted.

The close call with Brock forced us to move everything out of the garage and to the back deck to hopefully avoid any further injuries. So, we move everything out back and Nick gets to work with his favorite tool (the allen wrench - please note the sarcasm). I start working on the 'inside' part of dinner while his job was to work on grilling in between assembly of the chairs. I come out to monitor the situation and while Brock is sitting on my lap, he bites his tongue to the point it started bleeding. And here comes meltdown #2 in as many hours. He cried harder for that than he did the head bang, but eventually all was well again. Crisis #2 - averted. During the hysteria, Nick goes to start the grill for dinner and what do you know? We are out of propane and therefore it won't start! So dinner inside is halfway finished and the main course is on pause. Nick runs down to the hardware stores, switches it out and Crisis #3 is averted.

Finally, after dinner, all the pieces get put together, the family gets our dinner, Brock gets his bath (which makes his world all better) and then it's bedtime. While I was a little worried about his head and kept checking on him through the night, he woke up this morning and while the bump is still there, it's not nearly as bad as we thought it would be!

At the time, all of that drama seemed so stressful. Typing it all out however, makes me realize it's just 'First World Problems'. We are lucky we were able to buy a patio set, lucky that Brock didn't seriously hurt himself from the fall and lucky we can put food on the table (and propane in the grill). Having a baby certainly changes your lifestyle, but for me, it's made me just overall more thankful. I know there are so many families out there who don't have even the small luxuries we do and I try to never take that for granted.

There are some days I wake up and see Brock and sometimes still just can't believe he's mine! Meltdowns or not, he is my sweet angel boy and he makes even the worst days so much better! My mornings are better because I get to see him when he wakes up. My nights are better because I get to kiss him goodnight every night before bed. My workdays are better because I know I get to go home to him, Nick, Oscar and our home. It's not perfect, it's not big, but it's home and we are making some wonderful memories there everyday!

Meme and Poppy are coming up this weekend for Poppy's birthday so it should be a great weekend!

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