Thursday, February 23, 2012

9 Month Stats

As promised, here are Brock's 9 month stats, fresh from the doc today!

- Weight: 22 lbs, 90%
- Length: 29",  75%
- Head, still 90%

He's eating 3 'meals' a day now and less and less 'baby food'. Some of the 'solids' in our rotation:
- bananas
- avocados
- Cheerios (a total fave)
- Steamed veggies
- pasta
- deli turkey
- cheese

He also usually gets to try whatever we're eating as long as it's 'baby safe'.

He's eating 4 bottles a day, usually 6-8oz, but can skip 1 sometimes.

Other fun facts:
- Army crawling
- Getting up on all fours and rocking
- Talking A LOT (mama, dada, baby, dog) - we don't know if he knows what he's saying, but we have made out those words so far
- Picking up food (Cheerios) and feeding himself
- Sits up on his own and is able to move around
- Can drink out of a straw and LOVES water bottles
- Can go from sitting to crawling position
- Has learned to cry really hard - it took this long, but he's got it mastered now!
- Goes to bed around 8, wakes up around 7 (no matter how late the bedtime, always awake by 7 at the latest , even on weekends)
- Puts his arms up or out when he wants you to hold him
- Always wants down, he'll lean to get down so he can crawl/play

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