Friday, April 6, 2012

Our little fish

10 months, 2 weeks

We had our first swim lesson on Monday! I'm terrible about putting pictures up so forgive me, but I promise I'll get some up eventually! Anyway, he LOVED IT! There was one poor little girl that just screamed through the whole thing, but Brock was in Heaven! He laughed and chased after toys in the pool, he totally chilled when Daddy had him on his back, kept creeping on the older lady in the next lane doing her laps. He was just taking it all in! I can't wait for next Monday when I can get in with him!!

This Sunday is Easter and I'm so excited! We are having my mom and sister, Nick's parents and brothers (and Erin), and Nick's grandpa over for lunch at our house! We are going to make Easter cookies, cake and dye eggs tomorrow! I know he's probably too young to get into it, but hopefully he'll at least be entertained!

We have also bit the bullet and hired a cleaning lady. I was really struggling with the 'deep cleaning' in our tiny house (so embarrassing). But, working full time leaves little time with the munchkin and the time we do have, I certainly don't want to be cleaning. I have to say, it was some of the best money I have ever spent. She got that house cleaner than I ever could have and in probably half the time. It was such a huge weight off of my shoulders. I hate things being dirty so it was driving me crazy, but I just couldn't find the time/energy to do it myself.

Brock is now repeating words like crazy. He usually only does it a few times right after you say something, but so far, here's what he's got down: Hello, Woah, No No No, Oscar, Babe (yes, hilarious!), What...I think that's about it.

Meme and Poppy were in town last weekend and had a total blast playing with him. He was all smiles and a lot of fun! The mommy phase has slightly improved this week so he's letting other people hold him more!

Happy Easter everyone! I hope the Easter bunny brings you all lots of goodies!

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