Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween and house hunting!

5 months, 2 weeks old

Halloween has come and gone! I can't believe it's already November!! I remember last year at Halloween, being SOOOOO excited for this year to actually have a little one to share my favorite holiday with. Little did I know at the time that my dreams would not only come true, but would be so much better than I ever imagined! While my overall excitement for Halloween was a little decreased this year (mostly focused on Brock), having my precious pumpkin this year made the whole season that much more fun! Every night at bedtime we read one of his Halloween story books. He got to wear Halloween pj's, bibs, socks, etc. We sat down this year and watched Charle Brown and the Great Pumpkin and it was amazing to be watching it with my son!!!

I was so excited when I woke up yesterday! I couldn't wait to wake Brock up and get him dressed in his Halloween outfit. I had his costume packed in the car and ready for him to come trick or treating at my office. I picked him up at a daycare and brought him up to work. He dressed as a bat and was sooooooo cute! He was all smiles and happy when we first got here, then the excitement wore off and he got really sleepy. I had a few things to finish up at work and he fell asleep on me as I was sitting at my desk. It was actually really cute!

We decided sort of last minute to have some friends over on Halloween. The Chiefs were playing for Monday Night Football so we figured the guys could watch the game, while us girls passed out candy. First, we stopped by Grandma Elsie's to see Gary before he went to the game. We also got to see Aunt Carol and Uncle Paul and our friend Cindy (who lives across the street). They were all so excited to see him in his costume!

That night, both grandmas (my mom and Judy) came over to see the little bat, along with Mia, Tracy/Matt/Carter/Marlee and Kristin/Brett/Madison. All the kiddos were soooo cute in their costumes! Carter was a dinosaur (a T-Rex), Marlee was a Stegosauras (pink and so cute), Madison was a duck and Brock was the bat. We got a few pics of them together, before they all decided the photo session was over!! The kids were so fun to watch and I know the gma's loved seeing all the babes! Carter was a blast to watch! He loves Brock so he kept trying to give him his toys and get him to sit in the swing. He was a scar T-Rex and was going around giving everyone his 'ROAR' and it was so cute!! I was so happy at the end of the night that we decided to have everyone over because it turned out to be so much fun!! I'll try and post more pics soon, but here's a sneak peak of Brock in his bat costume:

We barely had any trick or treaters which made me so sad! I was so excited and somehow delusionally convinced we'd have a lot!

This past weekend was pretty uneventful. Mostly spent working on the house, yard, etc. We got a new Dyson vacuum and I am now in love! It is amazing and puts my mind at ease that the floors will be much cleaner for the little bear as he starts moving around! Sunday we did some neighborhood scouting for our next house. We're hoping to move next spring/summer so we are trying to get a feel for neighborhoods. The lack of trick or treaters last night solidified our want to move to a more 'family oriented' neighborhood. Ours is wonderful, but there aren't many kids so we are wanting to find somewhere with more little ones for Brock to play with!

It's so funny looking for houses now, compared to last time we looked. It's definitely a different 'list' now. We have to think of the neighborhood, schools, lay out, etc. But it's an exciting new chapter and we're ready for it!

Brock has a new hobby, he likes to suck his top lip in his mouth. It's hilarious and started out of nowhere. He's still eating cereal once a day and has now completely stopped needing the bottle before bed. He usually eats his last bottle and his cereal anywhere from 7-8 at night. Then it's either relax time on the couch or bath time. We've started only giving him a bath every other day because his skin has been so dry and sensitive.

We are supposed to possibly get our first few snow flakes this week and I can't believe it, but I'm so exciting! I totally get now what people say when they talk about kids making everything more fun and new! I'm so excited for him to see snow and see his reaction! I am more excited about Thanksgiving and Christmas than ever this year. I just can't wait to put our tree up and see him look at all the lights and presents and stockings!

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