Monday, September 19, 2011

Likes/Dislikes for the first 4 months

When I started this blog, I thought it would be a great way not only to keep track of Brock as he grows, but also to share with other mommies and daddies out there, things that have worked (or not) for us. I am a huge believer in recommendations. I am the first person to recommend something that really worked well and the first person to tell you when something was awful! So, here's a few things we've liked/disliked or some ways we found to save $$/time so far.

- Carter's brand clothes: Between the constant sales (I swear nothing is ever full price there) and the coupons I get in my email, they are not only affordable, but they are great quality. They are thick, don't fade out/shrink or de-soften in the wash and they sizes are usually closer to Brock's age range.

- Baby Trend jogging stroller: We LOVE our stroller. The jogging stroller with the 'real' tires instead of plastic wheels is awesome. It can go over any kind of terrain - rocky sidewalks, uneven streets, grass, etc. It rolls so smooth and  Brock loves it!

- Enfamil forumla packets: Enfamil makes formula packets (4 oz) that you can throw in the diaper bag and head out. They are perfect to have just in case you end up being gone somewhere longer than you plan.

- Aiden and Anais blankets: We got a set of 4 of these as a gift and we love them! They are super light weight so they were great for the summer, but they are also nice and big so you can wrap them up. They are soft and super cute!!

- Huggies wipes: So far, all of the Huggies wipes we have gotten have been the 'tear apart' kind and they are SOOOOO much easier than the 'fold in' ones (which we'll address in the dislike section).

- Backpack diaper bag: We got 2 diaper bags for Brock before he was born. We have my large one for extended stays at Grandma's or something, and then we have Nick's little 'back pack' one. I didn't see a point to it at first, but now that's what we take more than anything. We can throw a few diapers, wipes, a change of clothes and anything else we may need and head out the door.

- Trumpette socks: Since Brock was born in May, he didn't wear socks most of the summer. Now that the temperatures have started to cool off, he's been needing them almost daily. We got some Trumpette socks as a gift and they look like little shoes. They are the best! They stay on better than most socks AND they just 'finish' his look for the day!

- Pottery Barn blankets: We have a couple different blankets from Pottery Barn and they are the best when you need 'warm' blankets. They are a little pricey, but they are so soft and you can tell they are great quality.

- Bath Ball: I bought this bath ball from Buy Buy Baby after a recommendation from a friend (Thanks Suni). Not only is it a fun toy, but it fills with water and when you pick it up, the water sprinkles out of the bottom. So you can run it over baby in the bath to keep them warm with the water while you soap them up.

- Pampers Swaddlers and Baby Dry diapers: Super soft and absorbant.

- Nuk pacifies: Brock seems to hold on to the Nuk pacifiers that have the bent nipples better than the straight ones.

- Pampers wipes: They fold inside of each other and are SO HARD to pull out of the package. We still have a huge pack in his diaper bag and it's such a pain every time I change him while we're out. He'll be laying on one of those bathroom changing tables (which make me soooo nervous) and I'll be fumbling with the wipes trying to get one at a time out!

- Huggies Snug 'n Dry diapers: Everyone swore these were better as they got older. Well, maybe that's for when they get mobile. Because we just bought a pack of these and so far, are not impressed. They are stiff, hard to pull apart and don't seem to fit very well on his sides.

- Pack n' Play (and accessories): While it's a necessity for traveling, putting the pack 'n play back into it's nice little carrying case is like trying to stuff a size 12 woman into a size 6 jeans. The diagram in the instructions shows you how perfectly it all folds back into itself, slides right into the case and zips right up. After about 30 minutes, we threw what we could into the carrier and the rest went home in Brock's bag.

- Cheap, super fluffy blankets: Yes, they are soft. And yes, they may be cute. BUT, they will get little fuzzies all over everything. Clothes they are washed/dried with, pacifiers, babies hands, anything.

- Diaper Genie refills: These are a necessity, but are SOOO expensive. Nick actually did a little searching online and found a way to make your own at home. After the refill is totally empty, take a large rubber band and a regular trash bag. Feed the top of the trashbag through the refill opening and use the rubber band to hold it in place. We've been doing that for a couple of months now and it works great and is so much cheaper! We saved 2 of the refill cartridges so we always have one ready when the other one needs replaced!

We are just about to embark on starting solids (rice cereal starts this week!!) so I'm sure we'll have lots more to update on this in a few months!!

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