Tuesday, September 13, 2011

First cold AND first tooth???

17 weeks

It seems a little early, but I think the dreaded 'teething' phase is upon us. Or at the very least, right around the corner peeking it's ugly head around just waiting for the right moment. Everything Brock touches goes straight in his mouth. His hands, toys, blankets, your fingers, whatever is in the area, heads straight for the mouth. I've noticed him taking whatever he's chewing on and sort of trying to position it back to the right, so I took a peek. I was shocked to see what looks like a potential MOLAR (yes, like the big teeth you have in the back of your mouth) coming in!! It hasn't broken through yet and really you can barely feel it, but you can definitely see a bump. After the horror of imagining the pain it was causing him, he woke up on Sunday with what is definitely yet ANOTHER tooth. This is his top left 'fang', as I like to call it. This one you can not only see, but you can feel it as well. As usual, he's been a total champ about the whole process. He's been very rarely fussy or anything, but the couple of times he's seemed fussy with no other reason, I've given him just a little baby Tylenol to try and ease the pain.

Cynthia was off on Friday and Monday so that meant Mommy got to be home with him for 4 days straight! Friday morning started off with a little trip to the doctor. Brock's voice had been hoarse for about a day and a half with no known cause. No fever, no cough, no attitude changes, just a hoarse little voice that sounded so pitiful! We took him to the doc and they said it was probably just a little cold (his first one - sadface!) that he could have picked up from either daycare or could also be a symptom of teething (see above paragraph). We did get a weight on him and he's a perfectly plump 16 pounds! He was acting fine and there really wasn't anything we could do for him so we went home for the day. I was working from home so I sat him in his high chair next to me (best office buddy ever!) and worked awhile. By that afternoon he seemed totally back to normal and we enjoyed the day.

We had a Barbosa family gathering for Nick's grandma's church on Saturday night so he get to see all the family and show off his voice. Nick's brothers and their ladies came back to the house to watch the KU game after the dinner and Brock was obsessed with Drew. He would just stare at him and laugh at him anytime Drew would talk to him! He showed everyone what a loud mouth he really is! LOL! He was talking up a storm! It's the best sound in the world and he's got the cutest little voice!

Sunday was the Chiefs game so he stayed home with Grandma Judy while we all went tailgating and to the game. Instead of working from home on Monday, I just took the day off altogether and loved every minute of it. I fed Brock in the morning, then brought him in with me to sleep in some more. He LOVES to snuggle and so do I!! We spent most of the day in the basement doing laundry and getting caugh up on TV! We didn't really do much else but relax and chill together which was wonderful! It makes me wish so much that I could be home with him everyday!! I had a bit of a Mommy Meltdown. He was acting very tired so I thought he needed a little nap yesterday afternoon. I popped in his beloved 'binkie' and laid him on the couch and he started to doze off. I went to take something upstairs and could hear him crying a bit, but figured he was just fighting the sleep. It was close to his next bottle time, but not quite there yet so I finished what I was doing upstairs and went back down to find him absolutely BAWLING. We're talking real tears here people! Well, I felt so terrible for misreading him and making him cry so hard, that I started crying! I got his bottle ready and pretty much cried the entire time he ate. He quickly got over it, but I'm clearly still scarred!

He's definitely starting to realize who Mommy and Daddy are. He smiles every time he sees either one of us and it's the best sight to see!! He's definitely getting a little more attached to me now. If I'm not holding him, he's either looking for me or at me. He's still totally chill and lets other people hold him, but he's got his Mommydar on at all times. On one hand, I LOVE it because I feel the same way, I almost don't even want to share him, but on the other, I know it's important for him to get comfortable being with other people. Plus, he's so cute everyone wants a squeeze!!

He's still eating 6 oz at a time, but it's more like 3.5-4 hours. Every once in awhile, he'll start to get hungry at 3, but I sort of wait for his cues now to tell me when he's hungry instead of just feeding him at the 3 hour mark. He seems to spit up less that way. He talks ALL the time (LOVE IT), still goes down SO easily at night, usually around 9pm, and sleeps until 6-7 am. He takes a binkie only when he is trying to fall asleep. Still no rolling over, but he definitely starting rolling on his side from his back this weekend. He grabs for things and pulls them in to him a lot and it's so fun to watch him discover everything!

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