Monday, August 6, 2012

July wrap up

14 months, 3 weeks

Ok, so I know it's not July anymore. And I know I haven't updated this in a couple of weeks - sorry! There has been a lot and a lot of nothing going on at Casa de Barbosa! We've been crazy busy but not much has changed with Brock.

Probably the most exciting (for me) is that he finally gives kisses!! All my friends that have daughters were getting kisses long before us. They were so gentle and sweet. Brock would punch me in the face before he'd give a kiss. He is so sweet, he just doesn't realize his own strength sometimes! But finally, last week, I randomly asked for a kiss, and he walked over to me and gave me a kiss! It melted my heart and I'd be lying if I said I didn't tear up a little.

He's starting to learn to use utensils more and more. He thinks forks are the greatest things ever! He hasn't quite figured out how to get food ON them, but he loves to get it off!

We're still obsessed with shoes and saying more words by the day. Some of the newest additions are cool ('coo'), outside ('side'), book ('boo') and please ('pees'). He tries to say I love you, but it's kind of a cute little jumbled mess. He also has what we're calling his 'alien' language. He says so many words, but then he has this other little language he speaks when he wants to talk in more than just single word fragments. It's pretty hilarious. He'll pick up a book and just go to town like he's reading it. It's so cute!

He has finally figured out how to ride his little dinosaur toy he got for his birthday. Granted, right now, he only knows how to ride it backwards. He is getting more social too. Now, he's ALWAYS been a super happy, social baby. But now, when my mom, Nick's mom or Mia come over, he reaches out for them to hold him. That's huge since he didn't used to want to leave Mommy. I love how much he loves them.

It's finally cooler here so we're going to try and take advantage and hit up the pool, zoo, whatever we can before summer is over!

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