Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Houston, we have a...biter?

14 months

No mom wants to have the 'biter' at school or daycare. I used to think the 'biters' must be bad kids. The moms must either spoil them or does not pay enough attention to them. Something had to be wrong with the parenting skills in that situation. Ah, yet another foot in mouth moment of a new mom. You think so many things about parenting BEFORE you have kids. And then you have them and BAM, all your little 'ideas' of what's right and wrong kind of go out the window!

Such is the lesson we learned yesterday when I got a text from our daycare provider saying Brock had taken up the habit of biting the other kids. Just walking up to them and biting! No provoking. I, of course, panic and call Nick. I didn't know if we should just go pick him up so he didn't hurt any of the kids or what we should do. My logical next step is to start Googling like crazy! But everything I was finding was saying how many toddlers and kids bite out of frustration, and that just didn't seem like the case. He wasn't upset or angry, he was just biting!

After talking it over with Cynthia, we think the main problem was he was super tired and has some more teeth coming through. He was fussier than normal over the weekend, but since we are blessed with a baby who doesn't drool when he's teething, we can never really tell when his teeth are hurting. Other than being fussy (which is very rare for him), he doesn't pull at his ears, stick his fingers in his mouth or drool like they say babies do while teething so it's hard to tell what's bothering the poor guy! Keep your fingers crossed for us that it was an isolated incident!!

Along the line of teeth, Brock's new favorite thing at home is brushing his teeth. We don't do it every night, usually every other night or so. But he LOVES it. If he's in the bathroom he'll start saying teeth (sounds like tee) and wants to brush them! I'll usually tackle his 5 little teeth and gums, and then let him play around and do it himself. He just loves it! Like his love of the bath, I'm sure this won't last when he's older, but we enjoy watching him light up now!

We took him to the Prairie Village pool for the first time this weekend and could totally kick ourselves for not going sooner. He had a blast. They have the perfect 'baby' pool. It's not like the shallow, pee-filled baby pools of my day. It was this big 'beach style entry' pool that at it's deepest only comes up to Brock's waist. There are low chairs for parents to sit and watch the kids, fountains of water coming out of the pool and little areas of shade. He walked around the pool for probably an hour and a half. At first he was a little hesitant and just sat with his toys but before long, he was off! If it wasn't going to be as hot as the surface of the sun here this weekend, we'd totally be going back!

I'll leave you with one final nugget from the weekend. We are having a garage sale this week and in preparation, we're cleaning out the house. Well, Brock found one of my old t-shirts and Daddy put it on him. Total blackmail material but also so cute and hilarious!

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