Wednesday, August 22, 2012

15 month update!

15 months, 1 week

We 'celebrated' Brock's 15 month birthday visiting my family (aunts, cousins, dad and Pat) in Grove, Oklahoma. We didn't do anything to celebrate it really, but we were there! We had QUITE the adventure getting down there. About halfway there we stopped to stretch our legs, use the restroom, etc. We got back into the car and Nick's check engine light came on. We just so happened to be in the same parking lot as an O'Reilly auto shop and we stopped to have it checked out. It came back as being something wrong with the transmission. We were in tiny Ft. Scott, KS with only one shop that could even try to help us. Lucky for us, the guy was there. Unlucky, he was about to leave for the day and leave town. Thankfully, he drove the car so he could at least tell us what was wrong. He confirmed the issue was with the transmission, but that it wasn't major and we could make it to Grove and get it fixed there, without causing any further damage.

Nick was so upset but we got back on the road (now about an hour behind schedule and right on time for Brock to get hungry for lunch). We had about an hour to go before we were meeting my parents for lunch so we had to just start feeding him cookies, crackers and goldfish until we got there. Meanwhile, Mia and I both started frantically calling shops in Grove only to learn NO ONE was open on Saturday and no one could get us in that afternoon. We found one shop about 30 minutes away that could get us in Saturday, but Nick just didn't want to chance it. We called every place in the next closest town we would pass through, Pittsburg, KS with no luck either.

We were stopping in Baxter Springs, KS for lunch (population like 4000 - not kidding). We made it there and ended up arriving around the same time as Dad and Pat. While we were waiting for them to get there, I took Brock out to walk around and get some exercise after sitting in the car all day. Nick was still upset about his car and just happened to google transmission shops in Baxter Springs. There just so happened to be a shop literally around the corner (which really in that town, everything is) from where we were eating and he could fit us in! We were all just floored...we had called every shop in the towns along the way (that were much bigger) and no one had any openings.

Sure enough, we dropped the car off, ate our lunch and he was almost done with the car. He had a little bit left to do on the car, so he suggested we visit their little museum a couple of blocks away. I'm a sucker for a museum so I was so excited! It turned out to be this cute little museum with all these little rooms set up to look like different things you would have seen in the early 1900's (a farmhouse, a dentist office, an operator, newspaper press, etc). It was so cute! And it gave us some good quality 'stop and smell the roses' family time.

We got back on the road (for only $140 to fix the car no less - amazing!) and finally arrived in Grove around 4. We left our house around 9:30 and probably should have been there closer to 1, but hey, we made some memories! We only had a short amount of time before Nick and I had to hit the road and drive over to see my best friend Rea and meet her beautiful baby girl Monroe. We spent a few hours with them catching up and Brock loved the little baby!
It was love at first sight!
Saturday was just an all day family day. We hung out at my aunts house with my cousins and Brock loved feeding the fish in the pond, wandering around the land and we even walked him down to the lake where I used to swim as a kid. It was really awesome to be able to show him a place that makes up so many of my childhood memories. He had some great time with my dad too. We Facetime with my Dad and Pat at least once a week so he's used to see them over the phone and saying their names. We were curious to how he'd react in person, but he just loved it! He went to bed Saturday night just saying their names, and mine and Mia's over and over. It was so cute!

While we were there, my aunt got out some old photo albums. My aunts just kept saying how much Brock looks like me when I was younger. That's totally different for us to hear because everyone always says how much he looks like Nick. However, we couldn't believe it when we saw the pictures! He definitely looks a lot more like me than I think we realized!

Me as a toddler (not sure what age)                                        


Brock at 15 months, same crazy hair!


Monday was Brock's 15 month check up at the doctor. He got a few shots, but luckily didn't cry nearly as long as the last time on these. Here are his stats and some other fun facts about Mr. Brock at 15 months:
- Height 31" (50th% - big drop from last check up!)
- Weight 26 lbs (90th%)
- Head 88th% - still huge
- 8 teeth (all front 4 on top and bottom)
- says easily over 30 words, probably more
- Knows the difference between Ernie and Elmo (his 2 faves and the only ones he can say, but he knows the difference!)
- Says 'Thank You' when asked and even sometimes on his own if you give him something he wants, we're still working on 'Please'
- Knows the names of a few people at daycare - CC, Dainan and Riley (ri-wee)
- We're still taking the binkie, but only at night - it never leaves the crib
- He's not only fully walking, but running, walking backwards and climbing stairs like a champ
- Still a great eater and loves using a fork and spoon as long as there is already food on it
- Still the best sleeper out there, we are so hoping that never changes!
- Loves most veggies, but still not a huge fan of fruits - textures throw him off - still HATES bananas, is a huge fan of carbs just like his mama
- Bug bites are a huge problem for us - he gets TERRIBLE reactions to them, like huge swollen, red welt looking things whenever he gets bitten
- Wearing a size 5-6 in shoes
- Wearing 18-24 month clothes
- Loves to hold up the phone (or remote or even a graham cracker) and say 'Hello' like he's talking on the phone but totally clams up when he actually is on the phone with someone
- Has a bit of a temper and will try and hit or grunt when he's upset - we're trying to work on this!

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