Friday, May 4, 2012

Cruisin' right along

11 months, 2 weeks

Although Brock has been crawling for quite awhile now, in the last couple of weeks his speed has picked up so much! He's finally really figured out how to get going really fast if he wants to. He loves for someone to chase him. He just takes off as fast as he can go, little butt wiggling back and forth and then stops if he doesn't hear you close enough behind him. He just laughs and smiles! It's the most fun game to him right now! He also LOVES to crawl over to our vents in the house and bang on them. Ours are all on the wall, not in the floor so they are tall and perfect height for his wrath.

He's really pulling up with such ease on anything and everything now. He has also started walking down coffee tables, couches, whatever he can. As long as he can hold on to something, he's cruisin'.

We have officially eliminated the last bottle of the night! It could not have been an easier transition. Seriously, he's the easiest baby ever!! I want to eliminate ALL bottles at his 1 year birthday. He'll still get milk in sippy cups and lots of snacks, but no more bottles (is the plan for now). He seems to be losing interest in them anyway.

I think we have left the stranger anxiety phase in the dust and he's back to his happy, friendly little self. He'll pretty much go to anyone and smiles at every person we see.

He's eating like a little horse! I make sure he gets veggies at least every night for dinner to try and make that a routine in our house. I know eventually it'll be a fight, but the longer we can put it off the better!

He is still saying and repeating so much. He has mastered 'bye bye' and he waves when he says it. He is still working on blowing kisses...he knows how to do it, its just a matter of GETTING him to do it.

This weekend will be our first night away from him! My 30th birthday is on Sunday and Nick has informed me we are doing 'something'. I don't know what or where or who will be there, just that SOMETHING is going on. So we have a sitter arranged for Brock (Cynthia) and he's just going to spend the night there. I was a little hesitant at first, but for his first time away from us, if he's going to be comfortable anywhere, it would be with her at her house since he's there every day.

I'll update next week how it goes!

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