Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Breaking the seal

11 months, 3 weeks (yes, just one more week until my sweet boy is 1)

WE DID IT! Brock spent his first night away from us!! A few tears were shed by mommy as he left to go to Cynthia's for the night. But, after that, I have to say, I was totally fine. I knew he would be fine as he loves 'CC' AND he was familiar with his surroundings. As suspected, he was perfect and had so much fun! He even slept in for her - she finally had to wake him up at 8:30 because I couldn't wait to come get him the next day!

The weekend was AMAZING! My amazing husband planned a weekend full of surprises for my 30th birthday! It started Saturday afternoon with my Dad, Pat and Mia surprisingly showing up at our house! I had a suspicion, but no definite idea that they were coming! It was awesome and I wouldn't have wanted to celebrate my big day without them! The next surprise was everyone - my parents, Nick's parents and all our siblings coming to our house to be picked up in a LIMO! The limo took us down to a bar downtown where all of our friends were waiting for us! Tracy set up these amazing centerpieces and Judy got an amazing cake! It was the absolute most perfect birthday ever!!

While I knew Brock was fine with CC, subconsciously I knew he wasn't home so mommy had a little bit of a hard time sleeping Saturday night. By Sunday morning, I just wanted my boy!! So we got up to get him and came back home. Well, he found the remnants of some of my birthday presents and went to town! Looks like tissue paper is the hottest thing in toddler toys!
My parents came over for a few more hours before having to head back to Wichita. They wore Brock out so we all got a nice long nap in that afternoon! Not before letting them hear him say 'Mia' and him saying 'apple' for the first time! One of his toys says apple and he repeated it!

He also started walking with one of his push toys this weekend! He hasn't mastered turning it, but put him in a straight line and he's off! We had some storms and tornado sirens go off Sunday evening, so we spent much of the night in the basement. After months of watching Brock go up to the bottom step (which is a little taller than all the others) and look up like he's trying to figure out how to climb up it, he finally did it! He only made it up a couple of stairs, but he did it! It was exciting to watch him finally get it because we've seen the wheels turning! However, now we are on high alert anytime stairs are near!

His menu options keep growing by the day! I made spaghetti last night and he devoured it! Couldn't get enough of it! It was so cute! It almost drove Nick crazy with how messy it was, but it was adorable! We also introduced whole milk today! We mixed a small amount with his formula in his morning bottle. He was a little weirded out, but finally drank it down. He's starting to seem bored with bottles anyway so I think at a year, we should hopefully have no problems switching over to only sippy cups!

Swim lessons are officially over and last night we were able to get him under water without much coughing! He likes to do his 'fake cough' even when he didn't swallow any water...it's pretty funny! We have the whole summer to work on it and we definitely plan on that!

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