Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Pull up man

11 months!

Sorry I missed a post last week. Easter was crazy and so fun!! Brock got totally spoiled with lots of Easter baskets and toys. We debated on the Easter bunny situation for a bit, but when Nick mentioned our little shopping center by our house was having a free one, we figured we'd give it a shot. Who would have known, but Brock LOVED him...thought he was hilarious!!

 On Saturday, we colored eggs (he just wanted to smash them), then Sunday went to church and had a nice lunch at our house. And in true Brock form, he just wanted the food. The kid LOVES ham...it's maybe his new fave. He also looked like a total stud in his Easter best. Here are a few fun pics from Easter morning.
Believe it or not, this is his 'funny' face. He crinkles his nose and squints his eyes when he laughs now. LOVE!
 My handsome Easter man!
 Our happy little family after church!
Brock is starting now to pull up on just about EVERYTHING! He went from just doing it sometimes to quickly pulling up on anything and everything he can!
He has also started wanting to walk while we hold on to his hands. I'm thinking we aren't too far away! Right now, Mommy is in the party planning trenches getting ready for the big bash for his 1st birthday! They only turn one once and being the party planning addict that I am, I'm going a little overboard.

We are heading to Arkansas this weekend to see my friend Rea for her baby shower! She hasn't seen Brock  for a long time so she'll really get to see how fast they grow! We are hoping to take him to a 'big cat' - ie: Tiger, Lion, Cougar and even some bears - rescue on Friday afternoon. He just loves animals and you can (safely) get pretty close to see them!

Tonight, it's girls and baby night! Brock gets to see all his ladies (Madison and Marlee) and hopefully meet his newest buddy Charlie!

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