Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Happiest Baby....ever???

8 months, 3 weeks

Everyone keeps telling us that Brock is the happiest baby ever. At first it was just family so we didn't think much of it. Obviously WE think he's pretty great, but they are pretty biased too. Then it started becoming people we didn't know very well and then even complete strangers in public saying how happy he is! We usually get a 'what a big boy', but almost always we hear how happy he seems.

He smiles and laughs all the time! But he's also not super shy. Usually, if we're out to eat and someone smiles at him, he smiles right back and just can't get enough! He started smiling pretty young and has just always been a chill baby. We can honestly count on probably one hand the amount of times he's really really cried (we'll get into one particular event later). Now, don't get me wrong, he can get mad and he'll let you know it! He fusses quite a bit, but just outright crying, not very normal for him. Pretty much every night, he has at least 15 minutes of giggles - whether it's watching the dog play fetch or getting tickles from mommy and daddy, he giggles non-stop! It's the best sound in the world and we do some pretty ridiculous things to keep it going!

Sometimes he wakes up before us and he'll just lay in his crib and play until we come get him. Now, the whole point of this blog isn't just to brag on Captain Smiley...welll, ok, maybe it is. But also to take a minute to reflect on how lucky we feel! Nick likes to say it's the 'parenting', but I think honestly, it's just his personality. I do feel that the fact that we try and keep things relatively chill at home, spend as much time with him as possible and make sure if/when he needs something he has it, definitely helps. I think some babies are just wired to be more hyper, or more anxious or more fussy or whatever, but I think as parents all we can do is our best to adjust and respond to their unique personality. (I know, big talk coming from the 'happy baby' mommy - trust me, I'm fulling prepared for the spawn of satan on the next one as we probably have it coming).

Anyway, before more updates, here are some of my favorite pictures of the smiley man himself!

This was Christmas morning...he was a little tired...but he loved his hat so much he couldn't resist a smile!
 This was actually Christmas Eve - Nick clearly did something hilarious!

 This was a couple of months ago - just hangin' out, happy to be naked!
This is my favorite picture of him so far!! Mia caught this on her phone so it's a little hazy, but that is just the sweetest face ever!
 We recently discovered the Brock LOVES the park! He loves the swings and this little dinosaur thing he can make rock back and forth!

Brock is now just a little eating machine! I pretty much let him try whatever I'm eating as long as it's not to spicy or wouldn't hurt his tummy. He's a little garbage disposal - so far nothing he really doesn't like. I wasn't anticipating him eating so many solids so early, but I love it and we're going with it!!

Ironically enough, the happiest baby ever, wasn't so happy this weekend.We went to Nick's aunt and uncle's annual Superbowl party on Sunday. Brock had a bit of a runny nose and didn't get a good nap in the afternoon so he wasn't his chipper usual self. One thing about Brock, and he's always been this way, he needs some time to warm up if he's in a new place before 'strangers' start holding him and we aren't around. Well, sure enough, one of Nick's aunts grabbed him right away and Nick and I both walked to put things down/say hi to people. Not even a minute later, Brock is screaming bloody murder! I'm talking hysterically crying like I've NEVER heard before. Couldn't catch his breath, tears, runny nose, just the works. I took him back immediately and tried to get him to calm down, but he was so upset, I don't even think he could tell at first that I had him! It took him a good probably 5 minutes and binky before he finally calmed down. Of course, after that, he was totally fine. Lesson re-learned on that one!

He's getting closer and closer to crawling. And apparently, stripping! Last night as I was making dinner, Brock was playing by himself in the living room. I walk in to check on him and this is what I see:
Somehow, he figured out how to take his arm out of his shirt like he was trying to take it off! I'm sure it must have been an accident of some sort, but I was cracking up and had to take a picture!

Tonight we have a girls night where he gets to see all his homies (Tripp, Carter, Madison and Marlee). Hopefully he takes a good nap at daycare so he'll be ready to play all night!! All the kiddos haven't been together for so long so it'll be so fun to watch them play!

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