Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sittin' and spittin'

4 months, 3 weeks old

I didn't think it were possible for Brock to get more fun, but every day he does. His newest hobby is spitting. Not like nasty, loogie spitting. Cute, putting his little baby lips together and blowing so it makes a noise and ok a little spit comes out spitting. It's kinda gross, but it's so cute I can't tell him to stop! He was doing it the last 2 weeks like crazy, but over this past weekend he seemed to slow down. I think it's boring him now...

He's started sitting up on his own! Not for long, but he can usually balance himself for a few seconds. If he falls forward he can usually catch himself, but if he starts falling backwards there is no hope, he's a goner. He even sat in a big boy high chair at a restaurant this weekend for the first time!

 He is starting to get more and more hair, but we still can't really tell what color it will be. Sometimes it looks blondish, sometimes it looks redish and sometimes it looks light brownish. I think it'll be more Nick's color which is a a very light brown. He definitely seems to have his mama's eyes. He's got big blue eyes and long dark eyelashes.

We've decided he CAN roll over, he just doesn't want to. LOL! If you put him on the couch or the bed, he'll roll over like it's no one's business. But on the flat surface of the floor, he'll just look around then get bored and lay his head down. He just wants to MOVE. His feet now touch the floor in his jumpy little chair and he LOVES it. He goes crazy in that thing. He jumps up and down, side to side, every which way.

He is loving toys now. They usually go straight to his mouth, but if it's a rattle or something that makes noise, he'll just whip it up and down. He's got this little 'arm chop' he likes to do, with or without a toy. We've been saying it for weeks now, but there has GOT to be a tooth coming in! He's drooling and a little more fussy than normal and moves his tongue over his bottom gums constantly. He won't let me peek though. He thinks it's hilarious when I try to look at his teeth, but he keeps his tongue like glued to his bottom gums so I can't see!

If there is a mirror in sight and he can see himself, he's all about it. He laughs and smiles at himself in the mirror. He is also a little daredevil. He loves to be thrown up in the air, or when I swing him back and forth like I'm going to throw him. He thinks it's so funny!!

Last week we went to dinner with my mom and Brock and Nick waited in the car while I went to get my mom from her house. She got in the backseat with Brock and was saying hi to him. I don't know if she startled him or what happened, but he started hysterically crying. It was a cry none of us had ever seen or heard from him before. He had tears in his eyes (for only the 3rd time since he's been born) and was just beside himself! I felt so bad for him and for my mom. She felt terrible about making him cry! At the same time, I was dying laughing because it was so random that he started crying that hard. Luckily, he calmed down and was all smiley and happy to see her inside the restaurant.

He's still just the best baby. He's so easy to take wherever we go. In fact, he's so great (and I'm such a wuss), that he's coming with us to Denver this weekend! I had a complete meltdown about leaving him so we decided just to bring him along! My friend Kristin's mom lives out there and is going to watch him on Monday night so we can go out to dinner for our anniversary. Otherwise, it'll be our little fam on our first family vacation!!!

He's almost outgrown his carseat! His feet hang over the ends of it. He's also getting so heavy that it's hard to carry him in it anymore. He's just a solid little man!!

We are starting him on solids next week when we get back from Denver! I'm all excited about it! I keep forgetting all these exciting things he's going to be doing! He's so much fun and I love him just like he is right now it's hard to imagine him hitting all these milestones that are fast approaching, but it's exciting at the same time!

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