Monday, October 3, 2011

4 month pics and more!

4 months, 2 weeks old

We had Brock's 4 month pictures taken on Friday after work. As always, our photographer, Rebecca was amazing!! She picked the perfect place that had some great fall colors on the trees and the weather could not have been more perfect!! Brock was a little tired from daycare, but he was a total champ. He wasn't as smiley as normal, but he definitely gave us lots of sweet faces!! We had so much fun. We brought Oscar and got some great pictures of all of us as a family. I also wanted to get a few 'fun' shots of Brock in his spider costume so I brought his costume and some pumpkins along to capture our love for Halloween. Here are some sneak peeks of a few of the pictures:

This picture was sort of an 'accident'. We were walking from one spot to the next and Rebecca caught this adorable shot of Brock looking over Daddy's shoulder at us walking behind them. I LOVE the expression on his face!
This was his 'dressy' outfit. The orange looked so cute on him and was perfect for fall!

This was near the end of the shoot, but I swear he was giving us the 'spider face'

As you can tell, he's clearly 'over it' by this point. He's not crying, more just tolerating what is happening!

I love love love this picture! He's such a happy baby and this really captured his smile/laugh!

As we were getting ready to leave for the pictures on Friday, Nick got Brock changed before we left. I was finishing getting myself ready and as Nick was walking towards me with Brock, Brock got really excited when he saw me, turned his body and leaned with his arms forward towards me! It made me tear up since it was the first time he's really 'reached' for me! It was sooooooo sweet! Totally melted my heart!

Saturday we headed to Lawrence for the KU Homecoming game. Brock got to meet a bunch of my college friends and was the total hit of the tailgate. As always, he was wonderful and let everyone hold him and play with him. Sunday was a snuggle day. I was struggling with a terrible headache and sinus pressure so I was mostly useless. But it was the perfect day to snuggle on the couch with the little man!

He has started eating every 4 hours now instead of every 3. Still going to bed like a total champ. Tired or not, he'll lay right down and usually within 5-10 minutes, he's totally passed out. He barely makes a peep after we lay him down.

We are going to Denver for vacation in 2 weeks and as excited as I am to have that time with Nick, I'm terrified and so sad to be leaving Brock. Even though it's only for a couple of days, I'm going to miss him like crazy and worry the entire time. I think the fact that he is SUCH a good baby is making it harder to leave him. If he was fussy or not sleeping through the night, there might be that motivation of getting at least a good nights sleep while we're gone. But that's not an issue for us. He's seriously the best baby ever and I hate the thought of missing a second with him!!

We have most of our Halloween decorations up and a lot of them light up and he's loving it! He'll just stare at them forever!! I'm excited to see what he thinks at Christmas!!

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