Tuesday, May 21, 2013

We have a 2 year old!

2 years, 3 days

Wow, how is that title even possible?? Our sweet baby boy is 2. TWO YEARS OLD PEOPLE!! It seems like he was just born yesterday and at the same time, like I've said before, like he's been here forever! It's obviously been the best 2 years of our life. He's the most fun little man ever. He makes us laugh every single day!!

We just had the 2 year check up today and here's where we are:
Height: 34 3/4" - 45%
Weight: 30.15 lbs - 90%
Head: 92% (yep, still huge)

The doctor was so impressed with both is gross motor skills (aka ability to climb literally anything in sight) as well as his highly advanced verbal skills (we are now speaking in 3-5 word sentences pretty much all the time). He dropped his Thomas toy and said 'Oh no, I dropped my train mama'. The doctor stopped dead in her tracks and said 'well, I guess we don't need to go over his verbal skills!'. She said with highly verbal children the 'terrible 2' phase usually hits at 18 months, which is probably why in some of my last posts you've heard me talk about the terrible 2's hitting early at our house. She said 2 should be a breeze, but just be ready for 3. Grrrrrrreaattt!!

In other news, WE HAVE MOVED! We officially moved into our new home just over a week ago (May 10th was our first official night in the house). And while it's been so nice to get settled into the new house, the move was not without it's drama. We were as organized as you possibly can be with a move like that. All our ducks in a row for deliveries, boxes were marked with what was inside as well as what room to take them to. Brock was going to daycare for the majority of the day. We were good to go. Or so we thought.

I picked up Brock from daycare and he was on FIRE. He was crying and fussy and just miserable. So, I took him home only to turn right around and take him to Children's Mercy Urgent Care (seriously - they should probably give us a kick back for how many times I mention them in this blog due to his many visits there). Sure enough, the ear infection he had from 2 weeks before was not gone. So, we tried a new anti-biotic hoping to really kick it this time. We started it Friday night (our first night in the house) and he was still miserable all night and slept in our bed. We were immediately grateful for going for the king sized bed as having him in there with us was not nearly as painful as in the old house.

However, the meds just didn't kick in right away. His fever was spiking almost every 4 hours (whenever the Tylenol wore off) to anywhere from 101-104. Poor baby was just absolutely miserable. On top of that, he started to get an AWFUL cough that would get so bad, he would get to the point of almost throwing up. He felt terrible and was barely eating and refused to sleep. He learned how to crawl out of his crib and when we would lay him down for a nap, he would either lay there and just cry his eyes out, or crawl out of the crib. He ended up in our bed every night for the entire weekend. We were all completely and totally exhausted in every sense of the word. And on top of that, I was starting to worry we were setting a bad precedent: new house = sleep in mommy/daddy's bed.

By Monday we were back at the doctor's office since it just didn't seem like the meds were helping kick this thing. The doctor checked him out and decided to keep him on the same stuff, but added an inhaler to try and take care of the cough. THANK GOD! Monday night was his first night in his new room and he slept the entire night!! I am happy to report he now loves his new room and with one small exception, has not tried to climb out of his crib anymore.

And who has time for a sick kid, when you've got 2 big birthdays coming up?? Yes, I am a complete maniac and yes I planned and sent out invitations to have Brock's 2nd birthday at our new house the week after we moved. On top of that, I planned a small family bbq at the house the night before his party to celebrate Nick turning 30.

Thankfully we have the best family anyone could ask for. We had help getting our house organized and unpacked and my rockstar husband worked his butt off to get everything at least out of the garage and into the house by the end of moving weekend. By the time the party rolled around, our house was completely unpacked and organized except for the storage room and 3rd stall in the garage.

So on to the fun stuff - birthday weekend. The family bbq was the perfect 'chill' way to celebrate such a milestone birthday for Nick. We had ribs, burgers, brats, beer and just a nice night with the fam. We woke up Saturday and I was just in total shock that my baby was turning 2. The craziness of moving had made me sort of out of touch with time and reality and it hit me like a ton of bricks! I tried to let him have his day, his way. With the exception of nap time where we had our only other 'crib escape' incident. But it was well worth it for him to get good rest in before party time!

The theme for his party this year was Jake and the Neverland Pirates. The activities included: 'Walk the Plank', dig for treasure, dress up like your favorite character and of course, the tradition we started last year - the pinata, which was in the form of a treasure chest. The kids all had a complete blast playing in the yard and we were so grateful that our house was easily able to hold the 50+ people who came. The kids played outside but also had an absolute blast in Brock's new playroom in the basement.

Present time was so fun! Brock gets so excited by things now and would give a little 'gasp' or even an 'Oh my God' at some of the awesome things he got!! The kids were nice and worn out (and let's be honest, so were we). There are so many great pictures and you can see them on my facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151370622321886.1073741827.500091885&type=3

Coming up on the calendar is Brock's 'trial' day at his new school this Friday and then on June 3rd, he starts full time! I am anticipating some sadness both for him and for me as we are leaving our beloved CC and all her wonderful family and the kiddos there. But luckily, they are pretty much like family to us and we will still see them as much as possible!

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