Friday, May 3, 2013

Catching up....

23 months, 2 weeks

WOW! I just logged on and realized it's been over a month since my last blog update! Sorry folks! It's been a little wacky for us lately.

We officially moved out of our beloved 1st house on April 20th. I knew it would be sad and hard, but I never imagined it would be as hard as it was. I found myself breaking down seeing each room empty. I immediately had flashbacks in movie-montage style running through my head of all the ways each room looked from the day we moved in to now. I was looking back on all the fun memories we had there. All the parties, girls nights, low-key date nights and family nights we had here. This is the home we got married in, and most importantly, the home we brought Brock home to. The hardest part was the last time walking through, getting all the last minute items, when Brock walked in to the living room and pointed by the wall where we used to keep his toys, and said 'where toys go Mama?'. I lost it!

Luckily, he has been the biggest trooper through this entire process. He has been totally relaxed and happy to just go with the flow. Grandma and Grandpa have been kind enough to let us stay in completely invade their home. There are toys everywhere, boxes, clothes, Brock's entire birthday party set up has taken over their dining room. But they have been wonderful in letting us stay there. We have one more week and then it's off to our new house!

Brock has had a blast staying with Tazzy! They have to say good morning to each other each day and Taz just loves him! There is a park right across the street from their house so we've spent a lot of time there and just running around in the backyard. That is, until yesterday, when it was SNOWING ON MAY 2nd. Yes, you read that right. SNOW. IN MAY. RIDICULOUS! It went from 80* on Wednesday to snow on the ground last night. Only in Kansas!

We are getting very excited to move into our new home and to have Brock's big 2nd birthday bash the week after!! I can't believe my sweet baby is almost 2!! It has gone so fast and at the same time, feels like he's been here forever. Some of the 'terrible 2's' have subsided a bit. We aren't hearing as much 'no' and 'I don't likes'. We decided to stop even giving him any attention if he says 'I don't like' for no reason. I think it's helped tone it down to only when applicable.

He is now speaking almost exclusively in full-on sentences and we can easily have conversations with him. We were at the doctor a couple of weeks ago and they had a sign on the wall asking 'does your child does this by this age?'. We were looking under the 2 year old column - he'd already long since mastered all of it and was over half-way done with the 3 year old list!

Now that things are hopefully slowing down, I promise to try and stay more on top of the updates to the good 'ole blog!

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