Tuesday, February 12, 2013

We have a house!!

20 months, 3 weeks

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Barbosa's are heading west! We have a house!! We are so so so happy and excited to be able to share our new home with everyone!

We bought a home out in Olathe (where we always said we would never live), and out west (where we said we'd never go). We broke all of our 'rules' and we are so glad we did! It's a brand new home, which is already built but we get to pick the finishes (paint, carpet, granite, lighting, etc). We are having the basement finished before we move in and Nick designed the perfect layout for our family! We can't wait to see it all finished! It will be in the Kansas City Parade of Homes the last weekend in April and first weekend in May so we won't be able to actually move in until May 10th, but we get to go out there as much as we want between now and then - and trust me, we will be out there a LOT! And we will be in just in time to have Brock's 2nd birthday at the house - perfect timing!

It was quite a stressful week going back and forth on negotiations, but it was well worth it! It made us realize how much we really wanted the house and Nick and I were both on the same page about it the entire time which was awesome! It would have been so tough if one of us was trying to convince the other to keep fighting if they just didn't feel it was right. But we really never waiver'd on the fact that it was 'our' house.

It has everything we EVER said we wanted in a house and then some. There were a few  'dream' items we wanted and didn't think we could find. And this one has it all. On top of that, we are in a neighborhood that is mostly young families like us. They have organized activities for the holidays (Easter egg hunts, Santa sleigh rides, 4th of July parades and more). We feel it is just the perfect fit for our family and are so excited to move in and get settled!

We have been out a few times already and Brock got to see his 'new house' for the first time over the past weekend. We've been talking about it to him a lot and he would hold up the flyer for it and say 'new house'. We showed him the house, his room and even met our backyard neighbors!

So, now for the goods, here is the first picture of the house since it officially become 'ours':
It hasn't been painted yet so that's just the color of the wet stucco. We are meeting this week to pick out paint colors and will keep updates here or on Facebook with the progress!

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