Monday, December 12, 2011

Picture update!!

6 months, 4 weeks (not quite 7 months yet, Mom just can't admit it!)

Not a ton to update this week, so I'll just overload with pictures from Thanksgiving and a few early Christmas shots! We had a wonderful weekend at home. Nick and I dropped Brock off with Grandma and Grandpa on Friday night and went Christmas shopping for Brock (and to finish up some other people). We had so much fun, we think we might make it a tradition! We got Brock some toys and new clothes, but tried to keep it simple as we know all the grandparents are going to go crazy this year! We spent most of the weekend finishing up the shopping and wrapping and just enjoyed a nice weekend at home.

Brock had zucchini yesterday and really seemed to like it! I think next up is either apples or avocados and he's going to try juice this week! Also, he now is going to be in size 4 diapers!!! He's getting close to outgrowing his 9 month clothes too!! He's growing wayyyyy too fast!! Ok, enough talk, enjoy the pics!

Here is a picture of Brock's first 'real' food - sweet potatoes at Thanksgiving. He didn't like it at first, but they quickly became a favorite!
Here's Brock and his turkey bib. He wasn't feeling quite himself from his flu shot the day before, but he still looks so cute!
 Laughing with his cousin Tatum at Thanksgiving! Finally feeling better and had so much fun!
 Daddy is ticking him and he's loving it! 
Brock got this bear from his great Aunt Carol. The bear reads 'Twas the Night Before Christmas - he loves it!
Meeting his cousin Naomi for the first time! They are only a week apart!
I had to add this picture as it may be one of the few where he actually looks a little like me (or at least my baby pictures)! Such a sweet little face!
 First trip to see Santa! At first he just looked up at him, but never got scared!
 I swear he smiled! We didn't catch any, but he did!!
As much as Oscar may pout about not being the baby anymore, as soon as anyone gets up from snuggling with Brock, he has to take their spot!!
Brock's Christmas picture in front of the tree and presents!
 This is our Christmas card photo shoot. I saw a crazy idea online with a baby and the lights so decided to give it a shot. I have to say, they turned out much better than I expected!

I absolutely LOVE this picture, but since he's not looking at the camera, we couldn't use it for the Christmas card. I just think it's so sweet!

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