Tuesday, December 20, 2011

First tooth and First Christmas

7 months (wait, does that say what I think it does?!)

Well, we just passed the 7 month mark! I can't believe it, it's flying so much faster now that he's getting older and more 'firsts' are coming!

The big one is his first tooth!!!! It finally broke through last Thursday! I saw a little white spot when I was feeding him dinner and jammed my finger in there and felt the little jagged edge of his tooth! Nick was at a work function so there I am screaming and crying and clapping my hands and jumping up and down like a freak. Luckily, Brock totally knows that I'm a freak and thought it was hilarious! I called my mom, my sister, my dad, everyone to tell them about the tooth! It was quite exciting!

This weekend was Brock's first Christmas celebration in Wichita with my family. It started out a little rocky with him throwing up his entire bottle Friday morning. We thought it was just acid re-flux until we took him to daycare and she told me it was going around and it probably was the flu. I was only working a half day so we could get on the road early. When I went to pick him up, Cynthia told me he had thrown up again, all over the bed while he was sleeping. Poor little guy was acting totally fine, just kept throwing up. I was concerned for him and for the fact that it could be contagious, but my dad still wanted us to come down so we loaded up the car and hit the road. But NOT BEFORE installing his new big boy car seat I bought after I left work on Friday!! He looks so much more comfortable in it!!

So Friday went well, no more puking and we made it to Wichita safe and sound. We got some good quality time with just my dad and Pat and Mia. We had dinner, and relaxed which was nice. Saturday was a different story. We got up and started to get ready for the craziness of the day with everyone coming over for lunch and presents. Little did we know, Brock was no longer puking, but now the funk had decided it was going to come out the other end, in the form of 6 (yes, 6, not an exaggeration) pretty massive blow outs. We had to do a load of laundry, give him 2 baths and buy scented wipes to keep it all under control! Luckily, he was still acting like he felt ok.

He LOVED opening presents. I was anticipating him just kind of ignoring them, but he loved it! He looked at every present so intently and was so patient. We open presents one by one (we let all the kids go first this year), and even though he was exhausted and so ready for a nap, he stayed so happy and content. He helped take the wrapping paper off each gift and was totally focused on each one when he opened them! He got some new pj's and lots of new toys!! It was such a pleasant and exciting surprise that he enjoyed it as much as he did! After the kids were done, he went down for a nap and we were able to get all the adults presents opened. Mommy got a sewing machine and some fabulous jewlery and Daddy got a one cup coffee maker and a power washer! Saturday night, we even finally got a 'ma ma' out of him!! He was starting to get fussy and while he usually only says 'da da', he's been playing around with the 'm' sound and finally said 'ma ma'!!

Saturday night, things got ugly. The 'questionable' flu bug we weren't sure if he had, was confirmed when I started throwing up in the middle of the night. As we woke up Sunday morning, we found out both my dad and Pat were sick too! Nick and Mia somehow missed it. We called over to Teea's and so far, everyone there was ok. We hit the road pretty early as I was feeling horrible. Brock had a blow out (by the way - when I saw 'blow out', I don't just mean big poop. I mean like blowing out of his diaper and all over him and his clothes) when we were about 45 mins away from home and we had to stop at a highway rest stop and try and change him in the car...it was quite an experience!

We made it home and took it very easy Sunday. I was still pretty sick yesterday so I worked from home to avoid spreading the gunk to anyone else. We found out yesterday that it did end up spreading to at least Teea and Brigdon, not sure if anyone else got sick as the day went on yesterday. Brock had 3 more blow outs at daycare yesterday, but seems fine today (we hope!). As bad as all of us feel, I'm just glad he didn't act like he felt as badly as the rest of us did. I can't imagine that poor little baby feeling as awful as I did the last 2 days! I'm thankful for that - I'll take the brunt of it any day to keep him from having it!

He's going through a weird 'break mommy's heart' phase. He seems to only prefer Daddy right now. It's killing me. If Nick walks by and doesn't pick him up, he cries. He says 'da da' even more now and today he said it while looking at Nick. I don't know what it is and I'm praying it's just a phase, but it's heart breaking! It's all I can do not to just break down and cry when I'm holding him and he would rather be with Daddy. I'm so happy that they have such a close bond and Nick is an amazing Daddy, it's just hard to not be number 1 in Brock's eyes right now!

We got for his 2nd round of flu shots tomorrow and then have a crazy busy Christmas weekend planned! I can't wait to see what all Santa has brought for Brockie!!

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all get to spend lots of time with family this weekend!

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