Monday, October 1, 2012

Vacation's over...

16 months, 2 weeks

Soooooooo sorry about the gap in blogs!! As you can probably assume from the title, we took a little bit of a vacation and have just been off-schedule in general at our house.

2 weeks ago Brock was the ring bearer is Drew and Erin's wedding. He was adorable and did such a great job! He had the most serious look on his face like he knew he had a job to do. He danced a little at the reception and looked soooo cute in his little tux!

The next week, Cynthia was going on vacation so we decided to take advantage of her time off and do a little 'staycation' for our little fam. We went on a tour of Arrowhead stadium, then went to Wichita to see my dad, Pat and the rest of the clan down there. We had a big family dinner and then went to Tanganyika Wildlife Park right outside of Wichita. It was by far the coolest animal place we've been too so far. You can feed/pet giraffes, feed lemurs and let them crawl all over you, pet kangaroos (some WITH babies in their pouch), and even get in a little pen with a bunch of bunnies and feed them and pet them. Brock loved it! We all did! It was so much fun!

We visited Deanna Rose for the first time also. Gotta say, it was a bit of a let down going so soon after Tanganyika and Brock is just a little young for most of the activities, but it's a great place that we definitely plan on visiting many many times in the future!

We spent a lot of time at home just relaxing and enjoying our little family time. It was never so hard to go back to work! Almost as bad as after maternity leave, only no tears this time! Brock has just become such a little man and so much fun to be around. He makes us laugh pretty much daily and we loved every minute of being home with him.

We got all our Halloween decorations out while we were home also and Brock is totally loving them. He looks at the 'scary' stuff and says 'oooooooo' in an attempt to sound spooky. It's so cute! He's now become pretty obsessed with candy corn. So much so that we had to move it out of his reach and eye sight!

We also learned while home with him that he can count to 5! Seriously, a 16 month old that can count, he's a baby genius! Now, a little disclaimer, he can't just start counting 1 thru 5. But if you say 1, he'll say 2 (and sometimes 3) and then you say 3,4 and he'll say 5. It's amazing!

He's becoming very responsive too. This weekend he started saying 'ok' when we asked him if he wanted to do something. The first was 'do you want to watch the meows (Puss in Boots) and he looked at me, nodded his little head and said 'ok'. It was so sweet and also a really big moment for me. I just looked at him in amazement that now not only can he talk to me and I can talk to him, but we're on the road to having conversations together!

He's a dancing machine right now and anytime he hears music, his head bobs, or he claps or he starts bouncing up and down. He's also his biggest cheerleader. His new favorite phrase is 'yeah Brockie'! He likes to help me unload the dishwasher. He hands me the plates and I put them in the cupboard. He's my favorite little helper!

I'm sorry I don't have any pics up yet of our stay-cation, but if you are friends with me on Facebook, they should all be on there soon!

One last update - the binkie is totally gone. I think he honestly forgot about it! We gave it to him in the car to Wichita because he was fighting sleep so hard, but other than that, he hasn't even missed it! Such a champ!

Now it's back to our regular old routine, which means back to work and our regular schedules, back to being mindful of what I'm eating and back to working out. Boo....vacation was way more fun!

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  1. LOVE THIS SO MUCH! I knew you would be the BEST mom in the world; it is so much fun reading about your family and the love you have together.

    Linda from MB :)