Thursday, June 14, 2012

Our little Parrot

1 year, 3.5 weeks

Well, luckily, the Hulk has left the building! As painful as that little phase was, I'm so grateful it wasn't very long!! I think it was the teething more than anything. No more teeth have popped thru, but the diaper rash is fading!

He is repeating EVERYTHING we say now!! It's so cute! He's added some more words to his little vocabulary:
- Cookie (sometimes sounds like cookie and sometimes sounds like coo coo)
- Mickey (more like Mimi)
- Poppy
- Stop
- Milk (which sounds like 'mo' and it applies to anything liquid in a cup)
- Car ('ca' and he says it when he sees his little blue car)
- He's got one more word that sounds like 'go' and we aren't really sure what he's trying to say yet...he says it at all different times so we haven't really been able to narrow down what he's saying

The biggest (and probably scariest) thing for us right now is watching him test his physical abilities. He uses his little rocker to climb on the couch, he likes to stand up in any chair he's in (including his stroller if he's not strapped in yet), he seems to have very little fear. While I want him to try new things, it makes this mama soooo nervous! But it's also amazing to watch his little brain work. Over the weekend I had him out on our front deck and he crawled over to the edge, to the small step and as soon as he got to the edge, he stopped, sat on his butt, and slowly worked his way down the stairs that way. It was amazing to see the gears turning in his little head and see how quickly he figured it out!

This weekend is Father's Day and we are headed to Wichita to see my dad. My nephew is having a birthday party so Brock will get to watch all the big kids run around in the water. Something tells me he'll be fully entertained!!

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